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CFD orders are done on a first-in-first-out basis. Positions that were initiated first would be liquidated first.

Day Shares CFD Price
Day 1 Buy 5000 CFDs of TTT Ltd $5.69
Day 2 Buy 2000 CFDs of TTT Ltd $5.67
Day 3 Sell 3000 CFDs of TTT Ltd $6.00

If client Q bought 5000 lots of TTT Ltd CFD at $5.69 on Day 1, buys another 2000 lots at $5.67 on Day 2, and sells 3000 lots of TTT Ltd CFD at $6.00 on Day 3, his outstanding positions at the end of Day 3 would be 2000 lots at $5.69 and 2000 lots at $5.67.


Partially Done Orders

Market orders, which are also known as hit-the-market orders, are subject to fills based on prevailing market volume. What this means is, if these are the current market prices:

Buy Volume BID Price ASK Price Sell Volume
500 1.00 1.01 150

The client submits an order to sell 750 lots at $1.00. As the current selling price is $1.00 and at this price there are 500 lots queuing, he would be able to get 500 lots done. This is a partially done scenario. The rest of the 250 lots remaining from his order would be re-queued into the CFD system at $1.00. The client could also choose to withdraw the order of 250 lots if he wishes to.

Queue Restrictions

Market Limit order queue restrictions
ASX (DMA CFDs) Queue up to 3% from last done price
Singapore (Shares CFD) Queue up to +/-20% from the current Bid/Ask price
Singapore (Shares CFD DMA) Queue up to 20 bids from the last done price
Hong Kong Queue up to +/-20% from the current Bid/Ask price
Malaysia Queue up to +/-30% from the current Bid/Ask price
United States Queue up to +/-40% from the current Bid/Ask price

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