Order Types & Risk Management

Risk management is imperative when trading in leveraged products. Although leverage creates the opportunity for accelerated profits it also carries the risk of amplified losses. 

Traders in leveraged products should have a strong understanding of techniques for risk and trade management to assist in maximising profit potential and limiting losses. This may include additional product or trading education in the form of a course or formal qualification to achieve a strong base level understanding of leveraged products, the market and analysis techniques.

A working understanding of market influences, behaviour and potential risks is important, including the ability to calculate position and trade sizing understand the associated risks of that trade. 

A strong base knowledge should be achieved on the trading platforms and software being utilised. This includes knowledge and application of risk management orders for effective management of trades. Traders must also ensure they understand how to easily access account and position information and status of margin requirements. It is up to the trader to manage their positions and risk at all times with the information provided.

Time should be taken to read the PDS and Financial Service Guide to gain a full understanding of the terms and risks associated with the products being offered. 

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