Australian Stock Market Report - Navitas, Wesfarmers shares & more

Australian Stock Market Report Navitas Wesfarmers shares more

A brief Market Brief and Stock Tips - 12 October 2018


What a week we’ve had – Dow gets a drubbing – we cop the backlash – but reality does eventually sink in – our economy is still OK – and the US economy is still flying – the sun will still come up tomorrow and the trams are still running up Collins Street!

So – Is the market’s love affair with the Donald over – or is it just a lovers tiff?

As Galileo discovered, and Blood Sweat and Tears warbled in 1969 ‘What goes up must come down’. Fact is since the Donald got elected in November 2016 the Dow Jones was up 49% at its high this year. And simply put that cannot go on forever – even though the Dow got a 5% stagger this week.

It would now seem that the market’s flirtation with the Donald’s wild card policies of tariff hikes (price rises for imports which in the end adversely affect most Americans), maybe getting near a denouement. The US election is due in about a month’s time and that may put an end to the Donald’s tariff flutter and curb his more wild card policies.

So we can now have a cold shower

As usual we out do our American brothers on the road downhill. Our market has fallen about 5% in the wake of the American downdraught, and they, the architects of the downdraught have fallen about 4%. But sometimes we need to have a cold shower, reality bites and we realise that things are not really that bad.

So consumer confidence for example is doing particularly well with more optimists than pessimists – National Bank business confidence and conditions surveys similarly show a positive outlook and Job advertisements remain robust.

Pre University Education a sought after commodity

Education provider Navitas has seen a boom in share price following a takeover offer from private equity business called BGH Australia.

Wesfarmers provides details of the dates of its demerger from Coles (finalization expected in December) with all Wesfarmers shareholders getting one share in Coles for each Wesfarmers shares. My view both companies should perform better now that they are both respectively masters of their own destinies and can concentrate on their own knitting.

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