Family Office

  • Our wealth management and family office business helps aspiring HNW clients and their families create, protect and preserve their assets and wealth even through periods of unpredictability and volatile times.
  • With a deep sense of diligence, responsibility, conservatism, transparency and caution we aim to protect and grow our clients’ wealth.
  • Our clients deal mainly at director level and meet with at least one of our wealth management directors on a quarterly basis. Directors always ensure continuity of service and a high standard of experience and expertise. 
  • We take a collaborative approach to ensure clients retain control of their investments and the direction of their overall strategy. We can advise on external boards and Advisory Council.
  • When providing investment proposals, our recommendations come with high conviction and we are committed to the highest standards of service. Our track record of client success is a testament of our execution capabilities with global network and access.

 For more information on our Family Office services, please contact  or telephone +61 3 8633 9998 or request a callback from the website.



• 我们的财富管理和家族办公室业务协力帮助有资产管理传承需求的高净值客户及其家庭,即使在不可预测和市场动荡的时期也能创造、保护并维系其资产和财富。
• 我们带着勤奋、责任、保守、透明和谨慎的深刻理念,致力于保护并增长客户的财富。
• 我们的客户主要由管理层直接服务,每季度与至少一位财富管理董事定期会面沟通。董事将始终以高水准经验和专业知识确保连续性服务。
• 我们采取与客户紧密合作的方式,确保客户拥有对其投资和整体策略走向的控制权。我们也可以为家族办公室其他外部董事会以及顾问委员会提供咨询服务。
• 在提供投资建议时,我们会致力于高标准的服务和理念。我们的历史成功客户案例也证明了我们在全球网络中的执行能力。

 如需了解更多关于我们家族办公室服务的信息,请电邮 或致电+61 3 8633 9998 或从此网页下方要求我们回电 (“Request a Callback”)。

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